Since we haven't found any evidence of aliens, where did
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Since we haven't found any evidence of aliens, where did

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Since we havent found any evidence of aliens, where did the stories about UFOs and aliens come from?  Roswell?Im assuming the outer banks of NC lights are some foolish kids goofing around with lazer pointers or its a natural occurrenc......

Since we haven't found any evidence of aliens, where did the stories about UFOs and aliens come from?  Roswell?
I'm assuming the outer banks of NC lights are some foolish kids goofing around with lazer pointers or it's a natural occurrence like the Aurora Borealis.  Although, I have a feeling it's most likely a rare military weapon of some sort with extremely high caliber technology either from us or foreign...

Tink say: It's never aliens.
Until it's actually aliens, we have a lot of people looking so leaving those people to themselves I'll just live a normal not alien stressed out life. I'm already stressed by climate change and social injustice. I really wish Vulcans or something would come help us but I see no evidence that anyone is coming to help us, not Gods or aliens.
Jeffrey K say: Aliens are a modern myth enhanced by TV and movies. But we should keep an open mind because alien life is very likely. Its possible they could be here. But, as you correctly said, we have no solid physical evidence.
say: The Bible(any version) or even older books that the Bible copied from.
John say: I've been to Roswell, If it weren't for the UFO story you would never know it existed.
Ronald 7 say: UFO's an Aliens were going long before Roswell
It just began to give Roswell a Cult Status
Either way
Tom say: I have said this before. If we apply some logical Deduction to the problem, the answer will reveal itself. if we first ASSUME there are NO aliens, then we Have to conclude it is a HOAX of some kind or something a bit MORE nefarious. Given the number of "Abductee cases", a VERY BIG and well funded organization is behind it. Next is something actually happening or is it Imagination? Since ALL the "alien" descriptions MATCH, (Especially those before 1977 before the popular "Grey Alien" became a public icon) We must conclude that the victims shared SOME kind of COMMON experience----Face it, if people were INVENTING or LYING about "space aliens" we would have as many DIFFERENT descriptions as alien reports. SOMETHING was real about these experiences. They all saw the same thing.

Now who COULD possibly abduct and run tests on hundreds or even thousands of people? Only some clandestine GOVERNMENT organization ---Like the CIA or NSA. ---And WHY? Most logically because of some kind of disease or radioactive or toxic contamination, arising from some weapons accident or unethical experiment. Secrecy would be needed to avoid public panic or some SCANDAL. Given other such cases, like the "Tuskegee Experiment" and others, the CIA is NOT above pulling such shenanigans, or worse.

The aliens?---A touch of genius. The exam station has a DUMMY or Animatronic of a "Space alien" to further confuse and frighten the drugged victims. This also help insure, in the even of the amnesia drugs wearing off, the victim will be either frightened to talk about his experience, or not believed if he does.---Further keeping the secret.-----HOWEVER the SAME "ALIEN DUMMY" is used all the time----which s the flaw in the system. This gives the reports of the victims a degree of VERACITY and leaving the entire Scenario open to a logical deduction as above. If the aliens match SOMETHING REAL MUST be going on.

The Perpetrators goofed up here. They should have used DIFFERENT "Alien dummies" , so the victim reports would have NOT matched, and there would have been no corroborating in the reports.---They would have been simply written off as lies or hoaxes--------NOW, any alternative explanation MUST be able to explain WHY all the "Aliens" match, to be viable.---It seems no one has done that yet.

Roswell was a case of covering up the fact that the govmt was using Institutionalized humans as living "Crash Test dummies" for experimental jet bomber crew escape pods.---The short, deformed humans were taken for "Aliens" by the witnesses. This Scandal had to be hidden from the public.
nineteenthly say: The reason it's unlikely to be aliens is that they would either be able to hide effectively or they would show themselves to anyone. They wouldn't try to hide and then mess up, and they wouldn't reveal themselves to a select few. I personally think they're secret military aircraft, and that world governments have simply allowed the alien stories to build up because it discredits observers and helps them hide in plain sight.
Carlos Iglesias say: The Roswell story came out in the late 1970s at a time when sci-fi had 'grown up' from something to amuse the kids to a huge Hollywood industry, with Star Wars, Close Encounters, Star Trek, etc adults were going to sci-fi films in droves without their kids for the first time ever. Stuff like Roswell and Capricorn One filled a multi-billion dollar gap in the market. That and all the secrecy surrounding the Cold War, its virtually impossible to test any kind of aircraft or device without somebody seeing it, naturally the military found it so much easier if the public were content to believe in alien visitors, that way nobody has to explain anything.
Donut Tim say: People see what they expect to see.

Before radio and TV, there were very few stories passed around about space aliens or UFOs so, very few expected to see them.
az_lender say: "Something" triggered those stories … yeah, the same thing that led to the myths of the ancients. Imagination!
Ann Ross say: Maybe "we" have not found any evidence of aliens, but I am sure
that the military apparatus of several world governments has.
starpc11 say: It comes from cult society believers who believe earth like objects in the sky was from another world
Steve say: There exists cave drawings and etches from thousands of years ago of unexplained beings . Also in some pyramids. So Roswell was far from the first spot humans got the idea of aliens from. People have long speculated that Stonehenge and The Great Pyramids were works made by something other than humans. All it takes is one person to start an idea and it doesnt take long for the idea to spread like wild fire.
CarolOklaNola say: UFO stories have existed since prehistory. Isiah saw a UFO. Roswell was less than 80 years ago. The majority of UFO sightings, including mistaken sightings of planets are explained as either terrestrial in origin or planets or artificial satellites or meteors, but slightly more than 2% are never explained. Yes, we SHOULD keep an open mind, but when you are consistently told you are either delusional or gullible or naive, it is not surprising many people don't come forward. That includes Jimmy Carter, who probably knows the truth about Roswell and the UFOs over Washington D.C. in July, 1948 that have never been explained.
Adam D say: The Roswell UFO stories came about because people like this stuff called money. I'm sure you've heard of it, you probably like it too, it's better to have it than to not. The actual Roswell crash was a device for nuclear test monitoring, which the government lied and said was weather monitoring equipment. That was the late 1940's. Nobody revisited the issue until the late 1970's when "UFO researchers" started interviewing people (that's 30 years later). The purpose wasn't finding some new information - they wanted to write books, to receive a paycheck.

At the Outer Banks, very likely they were flares dropped from a military aircraft during exercises. Occam's razor generally serves us really well. If you hear hooves, do you automatically expect to turn around and see a zebra?

It's a bit misleading to say Fire in The Sky was based on a true story. If I tell you about the time I had a one night stand with Jessica Alba 10 years ago and you write a book about it, you wouldn't pitch the book as based on a true story. It would be true that I had made the claim. Just like it is true that the logger made a claim - with no other evidence. There is no such thing as a lie detector. A polygraph doesn't detect lies, it detects a heightened emotional state. If you're being interrogated, that might indicate a lie. But if you're telling a story from memory with no consequences attached to the outcome, of course your results aren't going to indicate it was a lie, there is no reason for your emotional state to become aroused.

There is no evidence for an abduction of the Hills either. None of the statements add up to anything coherent. That they don't look like the type to do something is irrelevant. A local community leader who worked as a bus driver was always a grandfatherly type, helping and teaching people, by all accounts he didn't "look like the type". He's in jail right now for exchanging inappropriate texts/photos with a 14 year old girl. He had a great reputation, but the photos existed. The point being that reputation isn't evidence, memories are not reliable, evidence is evidence.

Cash exhibited skin problems and lost hair - but she also had an autoimmune disease. Radiation causing the level of symptoms described that set in within a week would have been fatal. Again, another case of no true evidence of anything and information that doesn't add up.

The reason we aren't finding real evidence of alien visitation is that it simply isn't happening.
Robert J say: It's back when aircraft were being developed rapidly and technology was changing.
People would regularly see things in the sky that they had never seen before.

Who knows what the Roswell "thing" was, but the very first experimental jet aircraft flew just a few years before (1941) so it's very likely it was an experimental military plane of some sort.

The UK equivalent was a rash of "flying cigar" UFO sightings, which made the newspapers & with some photos.

They were Vulcan bombers, massive delta-wing jet aircraft the size of a 737, when most people had never seen anything but relatively small propellor aircraft.
They were also originally flown unpainted, just mirror finish aluminium surface, so were difficult to see and looked very strange...

Another more recent example is a classic UFO "flying saucer" photo that was widely published.
Again in hindsight, it's an SR-71 Blackbird (or a prototype) seen almost perfectly head on.

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