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My friend thinks there's a ghost at our hideout...?

To start, my friend has this hideout not far from our house (we live near eachother) and we lock the doors as we leave, no windows, or any other way of getting in and one day we go back to find that a

Seeing image when i close my eyes?

an image of a family pop up when i close my eyes, the image is not that old it was something in the mid 90s, i cant remember there faces because it was blurry its strange because i never met these peo

I've closed my eyes and have seen outlines of thing around me for several seconds before.Why does this happen?

This is a question for the Medicine or Biology forums,not Paranormal Phenomena.In short,it happens because our retinas arent digital devices,but are organic and analog,so they dont turn on and off lik

About 2 nights ago I was pinched and I blamed my husband, and this morning the coffee pot was ready to go?

....but know one prepared it the night before yet it was found with the auto timer. How does this make any sense?-You went against the sense, that pinch you think of who it was? Um ... mm ... lets see

Is it possible to contact a spirit living in my body?

I just really want to know if I can contact another spirit in my body. It isnt any bad spirit. I have had a couple blackouts before. Sometimes if I want to do something, and I end up getting put into

Am i crazy imagining things or is this s*** real?

I live in a 150 year old house and i feel like there is always something watching me and its fairly big too its like a by the way Im 15......-You are not crazy and not everyone can perceive what is g
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