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Why are government scientists saying that extreme weather is getting worse in the US when the opposite is true?

Why are government scientists saying that extreme weather is getting worse in the US when the opposite is true? -------------------------------------------------------answers: Ottawa Mike say: An old

Why is it so cold in Florida?

Whats the weather like where you live?

very hotttt

Where do rainbows come from?

Rainbows are caused by both reflection and refraction of sun light in water droplets in the atmosphere, which results in a spectrum of light appearing. Rainbows caused by sun light always appear in th

What is the temperature in Uganda in the middle of winter?

Since Uganda is on the equator, it is pretty much difficult to say what is the winter. In fact, in Entebbe, the sun is highest at the vernal and autumnal exquinoxes, when the sun is at the zenith on t

Is it weird to hate sunny days?

When the sun is shining It affects my mood negatively.I LOVE clouds, wind, storms, snow...even tornadoes and hurricanes are better than sun in my world.Is this abnormal?-For the hunter-gatherer we onc

It's so cold here, what do you do to warm up, a blankie, a bath or a sweater?

hot shower, with electric heater on while showering put clothes in dryer dry off and put robe on after shower and put warm clothes on sweater, warm pants, high wool socks sit in front of a fire or

What is vapor pressure pls help!!!?

OKay! i did go through it but i cantunderstand it....what is vapor pressure...... pls explain in layman terms...thank u-Link to layman terms

Is it your opinion that what happened in the day after tommorrow is really gonna happen?

For those who have seen the day after tomorrow, the movie about the world freezing over. Do you think that is actually gonna happen? I am getting kind of freaked out. Ive seen pictures of places freez

Is there anything good about this arctic blast crippling the majority of the US?

Its gonna be in the upper teens tonight & a painful low of 9 degrees on Monday night here in the Raleigh area. I also feel for those who have to suffer sub-zero temps up north. Plus all those homele

Where to drive to see snow from central Florida?

I want to take my three year old to see snow. Where is the farthest south that is snowing and snow will sit on the ground? We live in central Florida by Lakeland.-Carolinas.Get on 95 north.Go far enou

Can wind chills freeze water?

If the temperature is say 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind chill is 30 degrees Fahrenheit will water freeze?-No, the wind chill cant freeze water. The wind chill temperature is only a feels like app

What do you think about the severe weather around the world

seeing how the people went so low in morale and everything this is no surprise-Weather always has variations - for millions of years!Nothing to lose sleep over unless it personally affects you!Our ear

Weather help, how high is 850 mb.

Just trying to figure out how high 850mb is. I hear often winds could get to 70 knots at 850mb if you happen to know, then how high is 500mb and 900mb. Thanks.-850mb is 4779.2 feet or 0.905151515 mile

Is elevation determined more by precipitation or temperature

Ok so at the moment i am doing a AP Environmental Science Biome Lab. There where 3 locations which have recorded the precipitation and the temperature Location A, B, and C. The question was which of t
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