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As humans also have atoms in their bodies, can we make bombs out of them?

As humans also have atoms in their bodies, can we make bombs out of them? -------------------------------------------------------answers: Who say: fact albert - spontaneous combustion aint real- ALBER

What happens if I set fire to fire?

Fire is not a laughing matter. There are different ways of putting out a fire.- Fire- What happens when you set fire to fire huh? Then how about this: what happens when you pour water inside some more

Why is chemistry so hard?

I have no idea how to do my homework, i suck at chemistry :( And i have a test next :(Update : Thank you everyone! Appreciate all the answers, really helpful ^-^ Flashcards sound awesome :D"

What is the chemistry behind Rice Wine?

There is no grape involved, the process was created with rice and yeast. What would some physical and chemical changes be? I know how fermentation works, but I dont know stuff like the basic substance

Baking soda and Citric Acid. Scientific Reasoning?

Whats the scientific reasoning for the reaction?

Reaction of paractetamol in acidic conditions?

What is the product formed when hydrochloric acid is added to paractetamol? paracetamol + hcl -> ???- paracetamol + HCl ---> paracetamol hydrochloride The amine of the parent paracetamol becomes pro

What is the product of codeine in basic conditions?

What is the product formed when sodium hydroxide is added to codeine? codeine + NaOH -> ???- codeine + NaOH ---> no reaction.The alcohol group in codeine is not sufficiently acidic to react.

Why is carbon monoxide neutral?

Carbon and oxygen together have a total of 10 valence electrons in carbon monoxide. To satisfy the octet rule for the carbon, the two atoms form a triple bond, with six shared electrons in three bondi

Balanced neutralization equation between lead(4) hydroxide and sulfuric acid?

Thanksin advance-It is Pb(OH)4 + 2H2SO4 --> Pb(SO4)2 + 4H2O :) good luck!

How much CO2 Sodium hydroxide emit when produced?

The actual reaction doesnt produce any CO2.Caustic soda is manufactured using the chloralkali process, whereby brine (salt water) is subject to electrolysis. If you are talking from an environmental

The density of a gas is 1.96 g L^-1 at 1.00 atm and 0 degrees Celsius. What is te density of this gas at 0.855 atm and 25.0 C?

Much needed help! Please show steps in order to get the final answer.-Since density is units of mass per volume, you can use n/V as an indication of density. PV = nRT n = PV/RT n/V = P/RT and with

Equation for dissolution of AgCl and NH3? Double check to see if I'm right?

Balance and put a + charge on product2NH3(aq)+AgCl(s)======>Ag(NH3)2^+(aq)+Cl-(aq) Put a charge on product:KOH(aq)+Al(OH)3(s)======>AlOH)4^-(aq)+K+(aq)

Solid sodium chloride will not conduct electricity, but a solution of sodium chloride will conduct.?

Explain this-In solid NaCl there are no delocalized electrons which are free to move within the crystal lattice to conduct electricity, nor can the slightly charged atoms move.When NaCl solid dissolve

Higher Chemistry Volume of Gas?

Since 2 moles ethylene yields 4 moles of CO2 (thats the gas the question is referring to), the mole ratio is 1:2 for ethylene : CO2. Using volumes instead of moles, 100 cm3 ethylene will yield 200 cm

Reaction between FeCl3+ KSCN ?

When this reaction happens colour changes Yellow+Brown to Blood Red?? And What happens when adding Fe powder to the it?? Colour changes or Nothing happen????-When a source of iron(III) ions is combine
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