Evolutionists, could you explain?
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Evolutionists, could you explain?

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Evolutionists, could you explain?I’d like to start by saying that i am a Cristian, but not looking to insult or argue with anybody. However, I’ve been thinking.. if you clicked you believe in evolution. You believe all living things came......

Evolutionists, could you explain?
I’d like to start by saying that i am a Cristian, but not looking to insult or argue with anybody. However, I’ve been thinking.. if you clicked you believe in evolution. You believe all living things came about from one single organism right? And some of you believe this organism came about because of the so...

busterwasmycat say: big bang did not create life, it created "reality" as we know it (this universe and how it works). If you want, then you can call it the way that god's magic finger created things. I wouldn't say there is any need for a god of any sort, but if a god did do such a creation, that is one way that the act could occur. It had to happen in some fashion.

Evolution is just a word that means there is a general change with the passage of time. the universe has evolved, the solar system has evolved, the earth has evolved (oh, has it evolved!). The evidence is pretty overwhelming that life has evolved. The only question is one of how and why, not one of if.

As to how life comes from non-life, there is no good answer. I am not even sure if there is a true line between "life" and non-life. They are chemical processes as a functional thing. What makes the one distinct from the other? There are chemical systems that function partly like life and partly not like life, so it is not a case of "here is life and there is not life, and nothing in-between". There is a gradient of "Life-ness". We define life on our own to suit our ideas, and it is not clear that this definition has a true meaning in the objective sense.

The idea of consciousness is what I find the most difficult one. How does a set of chemical processes become self-aware?

As to your idea of nothing, that is not what the idea of the big bang proposes. there was "something", is/was/will always be, that is not this universe. This universe came from that. We just have absolutely no way to even conceive of that "not this universe" in any meaningful way. It is outside of spacetime. You can't get there from here and you cannot observe it with our senses. But it must exist because of your very question "how does something come from nothing?". Well the answer is obvious: it doesn't.
Crazy Jon say: I can explain all this if you can explain where God came from
Watership Down say: Nor do I mean any disrespect. 1) One of the great mysteries is where it all came from. Your god is also in that grouping - i.e., where did a god come from, if there is one? And therein lies a point ready to be made - the theory of evolution does not try to explain where everything came from, it never did and never will, as a theory, try to explain the Big Bang, which is another theory all together. Pope JPII added to Vatican II statements regarding that the Church was not at odds with the theory of evolution, in fact he made it clear that evolution must exist, as we things changing all around us. 2) The universe, as far as living organisms go, is not as complex as yu make it out to be. Nearly all organisms run off the same cellular energy, from the same starting material. From the smallest bacteria to the largest mammal. 3) Again, BB and evolution are two very different theorae - my personal take is that I question BB, as there are way too many unknowns. Evolution, yeah, I'm fully in on that, we and all the other organisms on this planet change over time. That's what the theory of evolution is, and no more.
As far as higher beings in existence, I think there is a real likelihood. In fact, just to set your head-a-spinning, I honestly BELIEVE that all of the entities that the people of this planet refer to as their god or gods are in fact, beings from other galaxies, star systems and planets, who have visited this planet and made changes to it. I actually think that has a higher likelihood than the god stories of the planet's religions. And before you go off (because I don't for a second believe your non-ill-will), I serve on a parish council. So let me finish by asking you - you probably want to ridicule atheists for believing that something comes from nothing (the BB), but in Genesis, where does your god come from? Is he just is?
sparrow say: I believe in God, and evolution. I don't see why "Man coming from clay" can't be a loose
description of what happened. And then, Eve, from Adams rib. Well, a woman is basically
a man, but with a variation of hormones, starting in the womb, so as to arrest the development
of a penis.
Then, 'the meek shall inherit the Earth.' Seems like that was us. The dinosaurs died off,
and the small mammal like creatures survived. They were the meek. We evolved from them.
Also, atoms are formed as the big bang cooled. Each atom is just energy stabilized
at different levels. So it makes sense that everything could come from this large variety of atoms.
Who's to say God didn't have a hand in the big bang. Sounds like something he would do !
The bible was not a science text book, so it doesn't rule out any of this happening.
I agree, that people should be able to debate while remaining respectful.
Also, when you study quantum physics, the behavior of the very small particles are
very strange. Things do 'pop' in and out of existence. I wouldn't be surprised. I'm sure
God could make it happen.
oikoσ say: You are conflating two dissimilar things. Biologists study organic evolution. Darwin was one and he had studied for the ministry. The Big Bang is not biology. Cosmologists deal with that. The concept was the brainchild of a Catholic priest. You don't have to be an atheist to study science. Actually, most biologists tend toward agnosticism although a lot of religions are represented. Even people who reject organic evolution can contribute to its study. I used biochemical data from one to work out the evolution of the turtles I studied when doing my Ph. D. research.
Bulldog redux say: The big bang came from a singularity, and a singularity is NOT "nothing." Matter and energy have an equivalence (E=mc^2). Matter was created from energy during the first three minutes of the big bang.

The big bang was not an explosion; it was the simultaneous expansion of every point in space. The big bang did not create sunlight, grasshoppers, and classical music. All these things developed naturally because they were allowed by the physical laws and constants that were established in the big bang.

The term "believe in" implies some sort of faith. I have no faith in the big bang and evolution. I understand how science has generated the concepts of the big bang and evolution (as a Ph.D. scientist myself, I have even contributed, in a very small way, to evolutionary theory). I don't believe in a "higher being." That lack of belief makes me an atheist. While I don't entirely reject the notion of a higher being, that notion will play no part in my thinking until you or someone else produces supporting empirical evidence. Do you have any excuse for not producing the needed empirical evidence? (I mean no disrespect.)
poldi2 say: No, the first organisms were not formed in the Big Bang.
The Big Bang was the sudden expansion of all the energy in the universe (hardly "nothing"). As it expanded it cooled and matter (mostly hydrogen and a bit of helium) could condense.
No, it is not more logical that something created it.
The Big Bang was not an explosion.
It is not a matter of belief, it is a matter of accepting the current scientific findings and theories regarding the universe. There is no proof any god exists, but there is proof that the Big Bang occurred.
Matt say: Keep in mind that Evolution and big bang theory are seperate. Evolution is looking at biology of modern and past life forms. Your questions seem to relate more too the BBT and Atheism more then Biological studies....

1) is is easier to believe somerhing made something then the origin is a compli ated unknown. BBT does not have all the answers YET, but the gaps do not necessarily mean supernatural phenomenon. 2) Withh all the elements and mass produced, it it likely that some of it whould interact to create stars, balls of various solids and liquids orbiting stars and coincidental events that formed the first early forms of life that we have an understanding of. 3) for soneone that says you mean no disrespect, that seems a little condecending. Anyways, the majority of atheists accept BBT and/or Evolution. It is more of the facts contradict the scripture and so we rationalize there likely is no inteligent desinger.
say: It is just a confusing mess and people who claim to understand it all makes them feel intellectually superior and better then everyone else and that everyone else is stupid and they are the intellectual and knowledge ones and have what no one else had. When they ignore the obvious things the bible says and the stuff it talks about millenniums before they where discovered. But what a power trip it gives them to win a argument with a Christian because they are more educated then some person on the street. But sometimes they are humiliated by well educated christians who are prepared to go into these kinds of things.
✞ 2 ...hunter say: Simple, you redefine "nothing" to mean "something".

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