Is there any historical or scientific proof for evolutionism
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Is there any historical or scientific proof for evolutionism

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Is there any historical or scientific proof for evolutionism?......

Is there any historical or scientific proof for evolutionism?


Donut Tim say: Historical evidence, yes.
There is also evidence and proof for biological evolution.

(Evolutionism is a belief. Evolution is a process. Two different things.)
Cowboy say: The modern theory of evolution is the Modern Synthesis - it defines evolution as a change in the gene frequency of a population over time (this is an observable fact, proven to be true). The Modern Synthesis also posits descent with modification (supported by all known evidence). All mainstream biologists accept evolution as obvious, factual truth.
Smeghead say: Every single piece of observational and experimental evidence compiled by thousands of scientists working full-time for well over a century now are entirely, 100% consistent with modern evolutionary theory. Every. Single. One.

If that were not true, the theory would INSTANTLY be discarded or altered to account for the new data. That is how science works. We don't believe ANYTHING unless it is consistent with ALL of the available data. Then we keep working like hell to find NEW data that disproves it. That is the only way to test a theory.
CarolOklaNola say: YES there is. Pepper moths in England are PROOF of evolution..Insects reproduce a,lot faster than human beings do. Evolution is scientific fact. So is human denial of scientific facts.
? say: According to the United States National Academy of Sciences , “Some scientific explanations (Theories) are so well established that no new evidence is likely to alter them.

Evolution falls into this category.

We have over 150 years of data, observations, experiment and it ALL says that evolution is true.

With each new discovery in biology and to a lesser extent geology, the odds of discovery that biological evolution is NOT real becomes less and less likely. We are to the point now that the odds that biological evolution is false is infintesimal.

EVERY SUCCESSFUL researcher in the biological sciences uses evolutionary principles in their work. Evolution is so reliable that creationist leaders only preach to the public, they know if they tried to preach to the biotechnology, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, medical, oil and mining industries among others they would be hurled out on their ears.

Scientists have discovered that no known hypothesis other than universal common descent can account scientifically for the unity, diversity, and patterns of terrestrial life. This hypothesis has been verified and corroborated so extensively that it is currently accepted as fact by the overwhelming majority of professional researchers in the biological and geological sciences (AAAS 1990; AAAS 2006; GSA 2009; NAS 2005; NCSE 2012; Working Group 2001). No alternate explanations compete scientifically with common descent.

We can say that evolution has been proved beyond reasonable doubt by overwhelming evidence.

If you have something better, science would willingly abandon evolution, but you don't. Thus, until someone does, evolution works too well to be false.
CRR say: Yes, and No.
There is ample evidence that living things can adapt to a limited extent (microevolution). There is no evidence that evolution can produce significant functional novelty, new organs, etc, such as would be required for all living to evolve naturally from a single common microbial ancestor species.
Chris Ancor say: There is ample historical & scientific proof of evolution. Evolutionism is a religious delusion.
Robin say: err yes just look in any street

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