Is nature racist?
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Is nature racist?

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Is nature racist?......

Is nature racist?


Orthodox say: Question you asked was: "Seriously. Why do whites visit Plantations and slavery museums? Do they realize pain blacks suffer. But whites recall their pleasures? "

Conquistadors = 15-30 year old males who would have raped Europe; so, they were sent to Americas to rape America.

Generally speaking, Australia - South America - North America = children of rapists and criminals.

That's why they will be completely flooded during Apocalypse.

Well... Alaska will remain and will opt to join Russia; forgive me.
oyubir say: Question is to vague to answer.

If what you meant is "is racism a consequence of natural behaviour", well, yes. We tend to reject those who are different. Because as all individual of all species, our goal is to make our gene prevail over other genes.
Which is in no way a justification of racism. Rape is also consequence of nature. Rape is also consequence of our goal, to make our genes prevail.

Male lions, when they win a fight against a rival and conquer the female lion, start their new relationship by killing the offspring of their fallen rival. For the exact same reason: goal is to make their gene prevail, against those of their rival.

The exact same instinct that make lions kill their step children, has probably something to do with the fact that lot of step dads do not go very well along with their step children. If they were to kill their annoying step children, who bear resemblances with the even more annoying ex-husband of their wife, it would be "natural". And unacceptable.
If we evolved to develop brain, sense of justice, of right and wrong, it is exactly to be better than that.

So, yes, racism probably have roots in how nature made us. But racist are still a... holes. (More often than not, they are not very clever. Why goes again to my point "if we've developed brain, civilisation, etc, ...": racists often didn't develop that as much as regular people)
American noodle say: Yes it is! that's why southern Americans are mostly brain dead
Anonymous say: To imply that is to say nature has human qualities. No, nature is not racist.
Rayal say: Nature is red of tooth and claw. Nature is survive, breed and recycle your body to feed other life.
Humans are the only natural life on this planet that have race or racism.
L. E. Gant say: Depends.

Every race can claim it's unfair to them, because it's equally unfair to everyone.
Elaine M say: Darwinism isn't racist - it's survival of the fittest. No racial thing is involved.
say: It is soulless and implacable.

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