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Protein Synthesis, genes, heredity

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Thats why its inherited.Who is right?Any help is VERY appreciated, Im having trouble with the way this question is worded.-Well, theyre both right.......
Eric said to Renee, "The amino acid sequence of the proteins in your hair determines how curly or straight your hair will be."

Renee replied, "I don't think that's right. Your genes determine whether your hair is curly or straight. That's why its inherited."

Who is right? connect your answer to protein synthesis

Any help is VERY appreciated, I'm having trouble with the way this question is worded.

Well, they're both right. The actual physical curling of the hair is determined by amino acid sequence. People with lots of cysteine residues have curly hair because of the higher number of disulfide linkages. However, the sequence of proteins in which someone's hair is made is due to genetic influence. Each amino acid is coded for by a 3-base sequence (codon), and someone whose DNA has more codons for Cys residues will have curlier hair.

genes--> amino acids--> proteins. genes get transcribed into rNA, and then translated into amino acids. what do you call a chain of amino's? protein.

genes= hereditary.

so therefore both genes and the amino acids sequences of the proteins both determine how curly or straight hair will be naturally, because essentially they are the same thing.
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