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Are there any real psychics who can help me with a free reading?

Are there any real psychics who can help me with a free reading? -------------------------------------------------------answers: Amy S say: Your best bet would be to find a local new age/occult shop a

If there is no afterlife then how are there mediums?

If there is no afterlife then how are there mediums? -------------------------------------------------------answers: The First Dragon say: Mediums are fake.They use fraudulent tricks to give the impre

why do people say telepathy is fake, but I think I'm hearing telepathy. My mom says it's fake and I'm delusional? Why won't any one admit it?

why do people say telepathy is fake, but I think Im hearing telepathy. My mom says its fake and Im delusional? Why wont any one admit it? -------------------------------------------------------answers

I am looking for a psychic medium

I am looking for a psychic medium in the Derby area. It is a fact that a real psychic will not charge you an arm and leg for a reading and will only ask you to pay what you can afford AFTER the readin

Is it telepathy??????????

I always hear my guy friends voice in my mind he says something and i always answer him back.-Technically it could be, some people are gifted with certain abilities, even in the bible there are people

Is there any evidence that a student has ESP

If a student were able to correctly identify 15 of 20 cards in this experiment, we would reject the notion that they were guessing based on the p-values. Why would such a definitive result not increas

How to indentify the vertex, focus and directrix

Canyou help me identify the vertex, focus and directrix of the graph of each of these equations?? 1) y+1=-1/4(x-3)^2 2) x=2y^2 3) y^2-4x-2y=3 I have no clue how to do teacher never taught us

Brainwave interference

So, I am a server and 90% of the time I do not write down what my customers order. I have an above average memory Id say. I can remember up to about 12 peoples food order without writing anything down

Okay are these mediums or clairvoyant fake if they refuse to tell me anything without paying first

Ive emailed two. I know there are those who generally have the gift and wouldnt exploit someone else just to obtain money and profit. However, one I read about who was highly recommened and she said s

Telekinesis help!!!!!

Hi, so I want to practice telekinesis too much. I can barely move the wheel , and I cannot move a pencil.If anyone can give me instruction I will be very happy.(for example:link,video,download,answer.

Telepathic communication

how come i can speak with others this way now? what does it mean?-It means you are in the money. Here is a link to prizes just waiting for someone like you to take. Congratulation in advance. http:/

Could i please get actual help

I reposted because noone really helped me they just told me to see a doctor.Ever since i was little ive been able to give myself like these Extreme sensations and i would feel adrenaline r

Psychics, what could this dream mean

This dreams location is some kind of business building. I am walking up a stairs in the dream and open a door. The door leads to the Hollow Earth and I get so enthusiastic and happy and dont want to l

Do I have some sort of psychic ability

I tend to associate numbers with different things. Ill give you an example. I predicted the Dallas Maevericks winning thge NBA finals because they are somehow associated with the numbers 6 and 11. Fo

How do I become more clairvoyant/psychic

Id like to develop my psychic/medium/clairvoyant skills a little more. I think I have an alright intuition because about 75% of the time Im correct about something. But Id like to take it a couple ste
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