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Is orange really a color

anything that we look at ....how sure are we that that is exactly what we are looking at!-If you cant trust your senses (sight), what else can you trust? If its orange in your reality and others rea

I've heard this quite a lot...

Apparently quite a few scientists converted to Islam because they heard Islamic prayers coming from space?-Please, please save this somewhere on your computer so you can laugh at yourself when you tur

What is the origin of the word, Alchemy

Origin: 1325–1375;earlier alchimie or Word Origin & History alchemy mid-14c., from O.Fr. alkemie, from M.L. alkimia, from Arabic al-kimiya, from Gk. khemeioa (found c.300 C.E. in a decree of Dioc

A report I have to do!

Im taking Summer School for two week this month because I have to refresh my mind for school. I have to do a report on Hiroshima and its due Monday. How do I stop the bombing of Hiroshima from happeni

Is there truly a balance

Is there actually a moment at which I could stop the microwave and have all my popcorn popped. It seems to me a razor thin line between having a bunch of unpopped kernals and a solid chuck of charcoal

How many megabytes are in a gigabyte

how many megabytes are in a gigabyte? MG= 2^20 GB=2^30my answer is 2^50 but im not sure how many bits are in a gigabyte?-1,024 megabytes = 1 gigabyte 2^10 = 1,024 bytesthis is one kilobyte 2^20 = 1,0

Why will my next birthday fall on Wednesday

My birthday is January 18th and I can remember my last birthday fell on Tuesday that I was right when I checked on January 2011 on my calendar. I know 2012 will be the next leap year because I can rem

Please ansswer urgent!!!!!!!!!

why doesnt ice melt in oil quickly scientific answer plz!!!!!-Type the same question in google, it has the answer right there :)-What is the temperature of the oil? Id think that would matter the most

What do you think happens when we die? science only, religion has no place here.

i really want to know. im obviously an atheist, but i dont think we just dissapear. i mean, i kinda find it impossible. ive thoughtmaybeour cells retain our memories and peronality when they decompose

How come meat lockers can't be opened from inside

Its not like a handle on the other side will melt the ice. Can someone explain this to me?-They can but instead of a handle they have a push knob. It wont freeze up and if it gets stuck you can slam i

Shhh... be quiet, do you smell that

I think i do... :)-The smell of Febreze.. sure do

What is with Iridologists

Seriously,do you believe they can actually tell whats wrong with you by looking into your eyes? Have you ever seen an iridologist? If so was he/she right about your illnesses?-If they could really do
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