How can I travel at the speed of light without being crushed
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How can I travel at the speed of light without being crushed

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How can I travel at the speed of light without being crushed to an icy bloody cloud of space spew by gravity and inertia ?......

How can I travel at the speed of light without being crushed to an icy bloody cloud of space spew by gravity and inertia ?


retired old sarge say: speed is not going to hurt you... it's the sudden stop at the end..
Jeffrey K say: It is not speed that crushes you. It is acceleration.
No, nothing can go at the speed of light.
Tom say: Take a "Physics Shortcut"----The Position of a particle in a 3D space is an illusion of how our senses perceive wave attributes of particles that all exist in a "higher reality" where no space, as separation between particles, exists. Called HUT (Holographic Universe Theory) Physics. That is rapidly gaining a "high powered" following. First theorized by David Bohm, Einstein's protégé, to explain Quantum entanglement effects. The two "linked particles" may be light years away from each other in our lower 3D reality, but in physical contact at the higher reality level.
If we could find a way to RESET the wave attributes of the particles of the passenger and ship that control position in 3D space to match that of another part of space light years away, we could INSTANTLY "ZAP" or "space jump" to the new location-----MUCH FASTER than light.
Hunter say: There's a theory by three physicists-- Haisch, Bernhard, and Putnam (I think) that says that inertia is essentially electromagnetic in origin and therefore it ca be cancelled out if you go about it the right way. Look up the Hutchison effect for pointers.
goring say: when an hydrogen atom is frozen to near 0 degree kelvin,the electron loses mass to a point where its volume has decreased and its orbital speed has nearly approached the speed of light. It cannot exceed the speed of light ,thus it cannot lose any more mass.
say: Easy. Turn yourself into a photon.
Andrew Smith say: Follow these simple steps.
1. Lie down and pull the blankets up.
2. close your eyes and let sleep overtake your thinking and conscious brain.
3. Wait until you reach a dream state then you can fly. You can do anything. You can travel faster than light itself.

Just note that at some stage you wake up so you can only maintain this speed for a finite period of time.
oubaas say: Stay steady state and you'll avoid any sort of problems ^_-
W say: You can't. Light is particles or waves, depending on the way its behavior is measured.
shawn say: Dissolve yourself down to atoms, then jump on a light beam and ride it to another time. Then all you have to do is reassemble yourself. Pshht. Surprised you didn’t know that.
Who say: Only reason you would want to travel at the speed of light would be to travel from A to B as quick as possible

but that assumes you are travelling in "normal" 3D space

but there are other ways of getting there faster then light IF you could "bend" 3D space in 4D so A and B touch each other in 4D
then all you gotta do is jump from A to B in 4D space and yo would be there in an instant where light has to travel the long way in 3D space
So in effect you would have travelled from A to B faster than light can - even though you were travelling slower than light)

("the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line"
Only in 3D space it is
In 4D space it can be zero
Dixon say: You can reach relativistic velocities at 1g acceleration over a few months.
CarolOklaNola say: You CANNOT travel at the speed of light IN A VACUUM because your mass becomes infinite, so it would take infinite energy. That violates the laws of physics.
Chris say: So, you want to travel at the speed of light, eh? I've got just the thing for you:
1. Bend you body to about a 95 degree angle.
2. Take those arm looking things and just move them until they stretched out straight behind your back and are parallel with the ground.
3. Naruto Run.

4. Run into Area 51.
5. Find the aliens and ask them for any advice on how to reach the speed of light.
6. Let me know how it goes, so I can try it out myself.
say: Turn on your force shield.
StarShine say: Do it in a movie
Captain Lemmy say: Just build a force field.

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