Can anyone explain Einsteins theory of evolution?
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Can anyone explain Einsteins theory of evolution?

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Can anyone explain Einsteins theory of evolution?......

Can anyone explain Einsteins theory of evolution?


sparrow say: Don't you mean Einstein's theory of Relativity?
It says that time is not constant. That 1 sec is not always 1 sec. depending on your speed and position.
It's hard for a person to understand.
This difference has been proven with a special clock, a Caesium clock, which was accurate
enough to measure it. The experiment was called the Hafele-Keating experiment, where
scientists took the Caesium clock and flew it around the world in a jet. Then they compared
it to a Caesium clock that was left on the ground. The clocks were different, in the way that
was predicted by the theory of relativity.
Jeffrey K say: Einstein did not have a theory of evolution. Einstein made the theory of relativity. Darwin made the theory of evolution.
oklatom say: Einstein theory on evolution

Albert Einstein – “There Is Neither Evolution Nor Destiny; Only Being.”. His theory of special relativity (1905) showed the underlying unity of matter and energy and of light and time. His theory of general relativity (1916) showed the unity of gravity and acceleration, of space and time, and of matter and space.
Andrew Smith say: FRED Einstein had this theory that if he never picked up any of his clothes his bedroom would evolve into a sanctuary of the seventh heaven.

His MOTHER had the theory that if he didn't clean his room he would find no sanctuary anywhere in the house.

Guess which theory stood the test of time?
geezer say: Einstein's Theory was RELATIVITY .. E = M C squared
and NO .. E does not stand for Evolution .. it's Energy !

Evolution was DARWIN'S Theory.
. say: Einstein had a "cosmic religious feeling".
He believed that there is no evolution, only being.
He was a hopeful, not a "gloom and doom", person and that's where he found true religion.
Thinking about the universe and evolution makes a person feel detached, which is dark and fearful in being "separate from the rest—a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness."
There is marvelous order in nature and not in human desires and aims (or evolution).
Acetek say: well you are either a terrible troll or dumber than a box of rocks
M Johnson say: E, evolution = M, most religion, x C, C what you've done, squared for emphasis.
magix151 say: No. He never got the gravity equations right in order to explain it properly.
The Lord is my Shetland say: Yes, someone can.

That person can also fully recite Mozart’s most famous play “Romeo and Juliet”.
say: You won't be able to understand it until you have first mastered Darwin's theory of relativity.
don say: Science involves experimenting to figure out how things work; how they operate. Why is evolution, a theory about history, taught as if it is the same as this operational science? You cannot do experiments, or even observe what happened, in the past. Asked if evolution has been observed, Richard Dawkins said, “Evolution has been observed. It’s just that it hasn’t been observed while it’s happening.”
Everard say: Sure, it where coal is turned into T-rex via energy.
Easy, yeah?
The Dour Duchess of Doubt say: It's where a cat paints a fence, but the cat is dead and alive, in the box of the infinity stones. All of this is set over pie squared. To shorten that-- cat dead/alive/fence/Captain America all over two cherry pies. Heretics might include a finch hiding emails. But they are heretics.

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