Einstein was wrong about the speed of light?
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Einstein was wrong about the speed of light?

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Einstein was wrong about the speed of light?In special relativity, it is impossible to accelerate an object to the speed of light?What about the universe itself? Dark energy is causing it to expand faster than the speed of light?What about m......

Einstein was wrong about the speed of light?
In special relativity, it is impossible to accelerate an object to the speed of light? What about the universe itself? Dark energy is causing it to expand faster than the speed of light? What about magnetic fields and alternate dimensions i.e. Heim theory? What about the MINOS experiment? Did they not measure...

Jim Moor say: Ahh, but
can you go .7c? yes
can I go .7c? yes
NOW aim them at each other. That's 1.4c and MIND BLOWN.
But Einstein covered that too, see the 'apparent' speed formula for faster than light motion.
So far, Einstein has been dead walnuts on for every experiment.
D g say: As others have said you get the relativity wrong... Light can travel at the speed of light because it has 0 rest mass

That means light exists in motion it does not ever go slower than the speed of light

Tachyons can exist and have been postulated by relativity... Because they never go at or below the speed of light they probably have no rest mass too

Tachyons are faster than light particles
Dixon say: The main thing you are missing is that the c limit is effectively two things passing each other. Light travels through spacetime and the theory does not account for distant objects that are receding relative to each other due to the expansion of space itself. Bear in mins space was thought to be static and eternal in 1905, so Einstein didn't have to explain the conditions, but today we should really be more precise.
Jeffrey K say: Nothing has ever been found that moves faster than light.
Space does expand faster than light but nothing is moving thru space.
Magnetic fields do not move faster than light.
That neutrino experiment was found to be a mistake. The authors retracted their publication.
Tachyons would have imaginary rest mass, if they existed. But none have ever been found.
az_lender say: Jasin, you allege that you are a university student with a 3.3 GPA. So, you're not a dope; but you're a psych major.

Take some more physics classes before you start challenging Einstein.
say: darpa has perfected the warp engine .
Luca say: I suggest reading this for the Dark energy part:

Heim theory seems more like BS, but at best it's an untested theory with still a lot of work to be done.

Tachyonic particles are theoretical particles. The fact that mathematically imaginary masses are allowed isn't a proof they're also physically possible and that they exist within our universe.
skeptik say: No, there's no indication that he was wrong. In Special Relativity, it is impossible for an object to move *through spacetime* faster than the speed of light. And it's impossible to accelerate an object *with mass* to even equal that velocity.

The expansion of the universe is not an object moving *through spacetime.*

There's no indication Heim Theory is valid, but if it were, it would not involve objects moving through spacetime faster than the speed of light. It would involve additional, non-spacetime, dimensions.

No, the MINOS experiment did not do that. The initial claim that the speed of light had been exceeded was based on flawed statistical sampling in their readings. When the error was resolved, so was the erroneous hypervelocity claim. Incidentally, 1.8-sigma significance is too LOW to be valid, not too HIGH to be invalid.

No one has demonstrated tachyonic particles to exist. Their hypothetical behavior is therefore irrelevant.
poldi2 say: He was not wrong, science today has proven him to be right.

In 2007 MINOS found the speed of 3 GeV neutrinos to be 1.000051 c at 68% confidence level, and between 0.999976 c to 1.000126 c at 99% confidence level.
That proves that the technology to measure the speed of the neutrinos is not 100% perfect.
Feinberg's proposal is not accepted by other scientists as a valid theory.
Heim's hypothesis is not accepted within the scientific community and has not been proven.
Mark say: He wasn't wrong - the univsre is expanding into - nothing - where the laws of our universe don't apply.
CarolOklaNola say: Dark energy IS NOT causing the Universe to expand faster than the speed of light IN A VACUUM. The speed of light is NOT constant t in different media. The Hubble constant t is NOT constant.

Please SIT DOWN AND DO THE MATH yourself using whatever Hubble constant you want and cancel out that per mega parsec term so you are left with a speed. It works out that the Universe is expanding at 10^-18 inches or centimeters per second .

When you start off with a false premise and one or more WRONG facts, you are NEVER right. You consistently hang yourself in your illogical thinking and wrong facts.

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