Where does the time go?
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Where does the time go?

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Where does the time go?......

Where does the time go?


small say: Time is the fourth dimension which remains as it is and it is we with our world that move on in this dimension from the past into the future..... because we can not travel back in time from the present into the past, it seems to us as though the time past is gone off forever.

Having said that, let me nevertheless admit here that time is indeed the most perplexing phenomenon of our existence and no matter how much we try, it seems beyond our comprehension !!
Mike W say: Who Knows Where the Time Goes? -Sandy Denny
Pearl say: it goes bye bye
j say: Like a river, the time-place as 4d moves on per geometric reconfiguring, always new, always present.


The Path of the Higher Self;
Your Brain Is a Time Machine.
GoodbyeNormaJean say: Time flies when you are having fun.

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